Tango indigo

Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

The verticale of desire becomes the horizontale of silence.
The initiatory line of the still embrace catches the watcher’s eye. Hypnotic geometry
A time for silence and indigo shadows

Indigo of the sky,
Indigo of the sea,
Indigo of infinite,
Indigo of the mood of tango
Saving indigo sinks in the depth of night and rises again to heavenly blue for the languids partners.
The closed place of shadows is shrouded in indigo.
Indigo, cloud of tango’s spirit, color chart of heaven, color chart of the sea

With the silence of embrace, night of the tangueros takes on an aura of indigo, and awakes to the morning of the world.

Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

Painting : tangoXposed

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