Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

How to listen to Tango ?
To souls injured by time , Tango sings about threatened beauty, tragical fate, ephemeral splinter of love
To the awake ascetic who wants to pass away, tango tells peaceful songs of life always starting again

What is on the eagle-eyed tanguero’s mind,
Secret violence of a man haunted by a terrible desire in opening himself,
a passion in embracing women,
a rage in embrasing the world,
Or, further, humility of being human,
Devotion to the servitude of his art and passion, Tango ?

The Tanguero never forgets that , as water raise from spring, his art , his talent come from the spirit of tango

Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

Painting portrait of Roberto Herrera

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