Unheimlich tanguero

Painting roberto with red shoes left aside

Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

What’s on a tanguero’s mind after his performance?

When work is dream, when dream is work,
when the lights are off,
when silence appears like an earthquake,

when ,with his shoes left aside, in this unusual sitting posture, we’re in a strange mood, « Freud’s unheimlichkeit »

what happens to the angel when heroïc and sensual fantasia of the scene leave place to silence ?

The tanguero, in each tango dance transforms himself and he is reborn in an esthetical seism where he transfigures his woman partner.

He personnifies a sensual and spiritual landscape. He is moved by the sensual spirit of tango , that's what we can see when we gaze at tango.

Medium between human and heaven, passing angel through his art, there is a time where he is moved by tango's spirit.

A time to be born, a time to die,
there is a time you may embrace
there is a time to refrain from embracing
To everything turn, turn turn …
We’re told a famous love song.

But when embracing is a fictive and heavenly dream, how can we define one being who did’nt exist ?

So what’s on milonguero’s mind ?

Tango | Martine Estrade | Literary Garden

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